Gamma ray spectroscopy module

The NGSduo is based on the SRE3020 series, also referred to as VAST, which is a family of OEM camera modules for gamma and x-ray spectroscopy.  The camera module contains pixelated CZT crystals for high resolution hyper-spectral gamma ray imaging at room temperature. The module is designed to allow integration in end-user instruments: "Gamma in - spectrum out".

hyper-spectral Imaging

The SRE3020 provides list-mode data from gamma radiation sensed in the CZT crystal. The data allows one to reconstruct images of radiation sources by the method of Compton scatter collimation. The camera module is intended for developers of industrial end-user equipment.

Data interface

The list-mode data is available over a standard Ethernet network interface. The camera module is delivered with the IDEAS Testbench testing software. APIs for C and LabVIEW are also available – allowing the developer to quickly create end-user applications.

Compact and Modular

The camera module provides a compact readout system for the CZT crystals. Several SRE3020 can be connected to one data switch, and modules can be synchronized in time.


  • Compact

  • 2π sensitivity

  • Room temperature operated CZT

  • Spectroscopic readout

  • Energy range up to 3 MeV

  • Data readout via Ethernet


  • Radiation hot-spot location

  • Isotope identification

  • Nuclear plant monitoring

  • Compton scatter collimation



Camera module prototypes are available

If you are interested, please contact us